doub happy Samantha Lam
February 25, 2018
Hong Kong flag
Hong Kong Jockey Club
The Hong Kong Equestrian Federation
Olympic rings
Beijing 2008
11th National Games of China
16th Asian Games - Guangzhou 2010
16th Asian Games - Equestrian
Liaoning 2013
Nanjing 2014
17th Asian Games Incheon 2014
JustWorld International

Fin Chin was a Swedish warmblood mare and she is beautiful. She has a heart of gold and she tries every time she is in the ring. I remembered Hugo Simon asked me if she was for sale. I also managed to beat him in the jump off in one class. He did not like the idea much. Fin Chin is also very photogenic. We have many good ribbons together.

fin chin 1

fin chin 3

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