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February 25, 2018
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April 2015

Samantha is on the Hong Kong’s Historical First ”Who’s Who” list!

September 2014
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August 2014

Samantha attended the Youth Olympic Games in Nanjing, China as the Athlete Role Model of the equestrian sport!

Nanjing group photo 1 Nanjing 2014 Recognition Nanjing group photo 2

DSC04900 DSC04901

Adonis has won the Grand Prix of Wiener Neustadt. He is the only horse with 2 clear rounds. In addition, he has been selected as a Hong Kong Team horse for the 2014 Asian Games in Incheon, Korea. He will travel with the other HK Team horses to Korea in September!

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SS4_6228 SS4_6238
SS4_0129 SS4_6139 SS4_2771
SS4_6408 SS4_1678 SS4_6406
SS4_0920 SS4_1668 SS4_5383
SS4_2447 SS4_6144 SS4_5657

May 2014

CSI Ebreichsdorf, Austria

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April 2014

CSI Oliva, Spain

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March 2014

Samantha has been appointed by IOC as their Athlete Role Model (ARM) in the 2014 Nanjing Youth Olympic Games, representing her sport of equestrian. - Samantha Lam named Athlete Role Model for Nanjing 2014 Youth Olympic Games - Sporting legends to mentor athletes at Nanjing 2014 Youth Olympic Games

May 2013

Samantha has been named to the Hong Kong show jumping team for the 2013 All China Games in Liaoning, China. She will be riding Dane Mare in this important competition.

_TH23239 _TH23653

March 2013

Samantha is back in the saddle!

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December 2012

Samantha & Chris de La Vallée Poussin are pleased to announce the birth of their son Daniel. We are very excited about the new adventures ahead as a family!

705344_10152342618230054_1986458932_o DSC04631

July 2012

Samantha & Chris exchanged wedding vows in an intimate ceremony attended by family and friends.

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DSC_8274b DSC_8455

February 2012

Samantha is please to announce the sponsorships of Cavalleria Toscana & Veredus.

004_1618 IMG_0326 001_2751

Check out the new Magnetik Line of magnetotherapy from Veredus

Magnetik Veredus

November 2011

Crunship jumped well in CSI-W Celje grand prix in Slovenia with only 2 time faults to finish in 4th place.

August 2011

Samantha and her "borrowed" horse Double Bend won the inaugural World Cup Qualifier Grand Prix of Beijing on August 28, 2011.

004_1618 IMG_0326 001_2751
004_1618 IMG_0326 001_2751

New Arrival. Ajuga is a 6 years old Dutch Warmblood mare by the stallion Pino out of a Corrado 1 mother.

June 2011

Adonis jumped well in Fontainebleau, France and was the champion of the 6 year old young horse division.

004_1618 IMG_0326 001_2751

6-26-2011 4;41;50 PM

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May 2011

Jockey Club Crunship jumped an impressive clear 1st round in the CSIO 4* Copenhagen Nations Cup.
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20110520_7208 20110520_7204 20110520_7210

Letter from Princess Haya, President of FEI.


April 2011

It is with great sadness that we bid farewell to Manadi. Together with Samantha he won the prestigious Spruce Meadows Junior of the Year in 1995, 3rd place finish in the Tampa American Invitational in 1996, and the 1997 World Cup Final in Gothenburg, Sweden. He was the first grand prix horse produced by Samantha and as George Morris would call him "the good chestnut with the floating trot". He will be remembered as the chestnut Holsteiner with the flaxen mane and tail with a heart of gold. He will be missed! Please see the article All's Well That Ends Well on page 14 of the Holsteiner newsletter.

goodboy-manadi2 junior 1995 manadi-wef2

February 2011

HKJC Equestrian Team stages Mentorship Programme

Bronze medallist of the 2010 Guangzhou Asian Games team jumping competition and HKJC Equestrian Team member Samantha Lam today (26 February) took the lead in coaching young members of the HKJC Junior Equestrian Team as part of the Club’s Mentorship Programme.

The initiative has been launched by the Club to nurture Hong Kong's young equestrian riders and enhance their techniques through experience-sharing with their senior team counterparts. Further equestrian clinics will be organised this year mentored by Lam's fellow Asian Games medallists, Patrick Lam and Kenneth Cheng.

The Club has long been a strong supporter of the city’s equestrian sports development. After the equestrian events of the Beijing 2008 Olympics, were staged in Hong Kong with Club support, the Club committed a further HK$50 million to establish the HKJC Equestrian Team and Junior Equestrian Team in December 2008.

The target of the Mentorship Programme is to enhance the connection between the HKJC Equestrian Team and Junior Equestrian Team, pass on riding techniques and share experiences. Samantha Lam, a member of the senior team who has rich international competition experience, today mentored a clinic for junior members including Kendall Kruger, Taylor Yeung and Lennard Chiang.

The clinic included the preparation of horses, flatwork and basic riding skills such as positioning, and jumping techniques like approach jumps and jumping turns. The programme will help prepare the Junior Equestrian Team for several competitions later this year.

imgnews_29452_l imgnews_29453_l imgnews_29455_l

Samantha represented the HKJC Jumping Team in the 2011 Chinese New Year parade.

imgnews_29296_l imgnews_29297_l
imgnews_29290_l imgnews_29287_l

November 2010

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Hong Kong show jumping team has secured a Team Bronze medal in the 2010 Asian Games in Guangzhou, China. All team riders rode brilliantly. Crunship jumped gallantly but was not his usual form as a result of a bout of shipping fever from his long plane trip. Hong Kong show jumping team has emerged as a power house in the international equestrian community.

Congratulations to Simon, Michael, Sacha and Lars. The Hong Kong teams were grateful for their support. Raymond Lee from Lee & Man Papers was very generous with his donation to HKEF. It is gratefully appreciated. Gerry, Masami & Angela again did a wonderful job with all 3 disciplines. Michelle, Edmond, Calos, Judith stayed behind and contribute with their steadfast support behind the scene. Dan Humphrey worked hard and long to keep our horses in good health. Chi Wa and the HK Jockey Club media team were wonderful in documenting and recording this historic successful event in the HK equestrian history. Our heartfelt appreciation to Mr. Tim Fok and the Hong Kong Cheering Fans who came with their splendid patriotic uniforms and lend their moral support. Thanks to my team mates for carrying the scores when my horse was off color. Last but not least and on behalf of my team mates, we wish to thank the Hong Kong Jockey Club for their continuous support. Success of this level will not be possible without the support from the Hong Kong Jockey Club sponsorship program. WELL DONE! TEAM HONG KONG.

Commiseration to the Hong Kong eventing team. They were denied the bronze medal by the smallest of margin (0.3 point). All the HK eventing riders went clear in cross country as well as stadium jumping. They were beaten by their dressage scores which were inexplicably low. The eventing dressage judging system in this Asian Games has a major flaw by using only 3 judges and from participating nations with their own riders in the competition. It is far from transparent and the judges have major conflict of interest. This issue can be easily corrected by using judges from non participating nations as well as increasing the number of judges. We can learn from the gymnastic and diving sports in this area. I hope this will not repeat itself in the future.

Hong Kong Jockey Club was handed a monumental task at the beginning of 2010. The mandate was to build an equestrian competition venue for all 3 disciplines to accommodate the equestrian events of the 2010 Guangzhou Asian Games. HKJC rose to the challenge and with the experience gathered from the 2008 Olympics, the panel of specialists created yet another phenomenal equestrian venue in just short 10 months out of the ashes of a derelict race track on the top of a mountain in historic Conghua. It also created the 1st ever "disease free zone" competition venue in China. The Guangzhou Asian Games equestrian events are the 1st FEI sanctioned international equestrian competition in mainland China. This will serve as precedent and hopefully spearhead future international equestrian competitions in China.




2002532_big 2002534_big 2002533_big

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2010-11-14 Guangzhou 2 667 imgnews_28163_l 2010-11-14 Guangzhou 2 674

October 2010

Samantha has been selected to represent Hong Kong in the 2010 Asian Games in Guanghzhou, China. Her team mates are Patrick Lam, Kenneth Cheng, Jacqueline Lai & Raena Leung. The pre-export quarantine will begin on November 7 in Aachen, Germany and the horses will fly on November 15 to Guangzhou, China.

team photo

Other Hong Kong team mates are : Eventing- Annie Ho, Nicole Pearson, Bee Chan, Jennifer Lee. Dressage- Lily Zilo, Jacqueline Siu, Aram Gregory.

New addition: Hemmelhorst Zephyr is a promising 6 years old gray mare by VDL Silverstone out of a Mr. Blue mother. The owner of Zephyr is Stal Hemmelhorst of Borne, Netherlands. She is in training and will compete in the youngster tour in 2011.

Zephyr-portret2 DR

Adonis is a 5 years old bay gelding by Pino out of a Lancer 2 mother. He has good results in Ermelo, Netherlands


July 2010

Crunship has met the minimum requirements set out by HKEF for the Asian Games 2010 in Quangzhou, China.

May 2010

Usday VDL placed 4th in the Grand Prix of Ebreichsdorf, Austria.
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Usday VDL has met the minimum requirements set out by HKEF for the Asian Games 2010 in Quangzhou, China.

March 2010

New Arrival:

Crunship is a 9 years old Holsteiner gelding from Carolus 1. He is gray horse with tremendous scope and very supple for a big horse. Hong Kong Jockey Club Charity Trusts has geneoursly made this horse available to Samantha to train and campaign. Crunship is a worthy successor to the noble Jockey Club Tresor.


Stakkatina is an talented 5 years old Hanovarian mare with impeccable blood line. Her sire is STAKKATO which jumped international with Eva Bitter. "Tina's" mother is the famous Grannus daughter Grannina which produced Praimus Z (Vincent Voorn) & Czadas (Gilbert Bockmann).

stakkatina 1

February 2010
Samantha participated in the Chinese New Year Hong Kong Jockey Club float parade.

imgnews_24531_l imgnews_24531_l
imgnews_24531_l imgnews_24531_l

December 2009
December 2, 2009 - The Hong Kong Jockey Club announced on Wednesday that it would design and build equestrian venues and offer supporting and professional services to the equestrian events of the 16th Asian Games, to be held in Guangzhou in 2010. This follows a recommendation made by the Hong Kong SAR Government to the Guangzhou Asian Games Organising Committee (GAGOC).

A signing ceremony was held today in Guangzhou for a "Memorandum of Understanding between the Guangzhou Asian Games Organising Committee, the Guangzhou Municipal Government and The Hong Kong Jockey Club on the Asian Games Equestrian Events Venue Construction, Technical Support and Post-Asian Games Utilisation". Officiating guests included Club Chairman Dr John C C Chan; Vice President of GAGOC and Vice Governor of Guangdong Province Lin Musheng; Mayor of the Guangzhou Municipal Government Zhang Guangning; HKSAR Chief Secretary for Administration Henry Tang Ying-yen, Director of Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Alan Wong; Club Stewards Simon S O Ip, Dr Donald K T Li, Michael T H Lee, Philip N L Chen, Dr Rita Fan Hsu Lai Tai; and Club Chief Executive Officer Winfried Engelbrecht-Bresges.


October 2009
The Hong Kong Showing Jumping team did very well in Jinan's All China Games despite numerous setbacks and challenges. Hong Kong was awarded a team bronze medal by the narrowest margin of several seconds. Congratulations to Patrick & Kenneth who won gold & bronze respectively in the individual rounds for Hong Kong. Samantha was awarded with the Sportsmanship award which was voted by her fellow competitors.

2009 10 27 bm sam HKJC9551-

2009 10 27 bm sam HKJC9558-

ceremo 5

team podium

ceremo 3

3rd place

sportsmanship award

home affair ltr

race day award 1

ceremo 2

vince scopy

lcsd ltr

olym com ltr

si lrtr

August 2009
Coco won a S class on Saturday and Doris won the Grand Prix of Bernkastel-Kues.

June 2009
Samantha has been selected to the Hong Kong Show Jumping Team representing Hong Kong in the 2009 All China Games in Jinan, China. The competition will take place October 18 -27, 2009.


May 2009
In Memoriam of Tresor D'Opaline & Jean-Claude van Geenbergh.

On May 14, 2009 we sadly bid fare well to Tresor. He has been a courageous competitor and loyal partner to Jean Claude van Geenbergh & later Samantha. He was a noble horse with tremendous courage and heart. He will be missed.

Ironically, Tresor's former rider, Jean Claude van Geenbergh has passed away suddenly just 5 days prior. Tresor has re-united with Jean Claude. Rest in peace, Tresor & J.C.

Heart felt appreciation goes out to Dr. Eduardo Felix who provided the best care to Tresor for the last 2 years. Eduardo's devotion to the wellfare of Tresor is exemplary and he is a credit to his profession.



No. 6 tresor

April 2009
Susan & Edson Lyra have generously made available to me the Dutch Warmblood gelding "VINCE R" as my mount in the 2009 ALL CHINA GAMES in Jinan, China. I am looking forward to represent Hong Kong in this important National Championship in October 2009. The All China Games is a multi sports event that takes place every 4 years in which the best athletes from all provinces & regions in China come together to showcase their skills and athleticism. The winners will be honored as the National Champions in their respective events.
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August 2008
The last 2 weeks have been the most incredible time in my life. The Equestrian Company has done a wonderful job organizing the equestrian events. It has been my honor and privilege to represent Hong Kong in this most memorable and historic Olympics on our home soil. On behalf of my teammates, we wish to express our deepest gratitude to everybody at The Hong Kong Jockey Club, Hong Kong Equestrian Federation, HK SF&OC, F.E.I., various HK government agencies and all the volunteers who made this event possible. Last but not least, my teammates and I wish to express our deepest appreciation to the citizens of Hong Kong for their most enthusiastic support and warm embrace. I am inspired and motivated to represent Hong Kong again in the future.

IMG 0083

August 17, 2008 Samantha rode well in the 2 qualifying rounds despite a very sore back from an injury sustained from a training session. Tresor labored from the high temperature and humidity and tired early. He jumped gallantly but the heavy air prevented him from his usual explosive form. They did not manage to move on to the next round. Everyone was very proud of her courage, determination and her ability to protect her horse and bring him home intact despite very adverse weather condition.

August 8, 2008 Samantha and her teammates meet the press in Hong Kong.

press 1

June 2008
June 5, 2008 Samantha attended press conference hosted by Hong Kong Jockey Club.

press 1

May 2008
May 7, 2008 Samantha has successfully qualified both Tresor and Coco for the Hong Kong Olympics in Hagen, Germany.
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Olympic Flag

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Information Services Department of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region

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April 2008
Samantha is pleased to have ANIMO ITALIA as her official sponsor of riding apparel. ANIMO riding apparels are made in Italy with the best material and workmanship.

March 2008
Samantha is delighted to be a partner rider with FREEJUMPSYSTEM, SA. FREEJUMP safety stirrups are the best stirrups in the sport for any discipline.

NEW ARRIVAL: Samantha welcome the arrival of VDL Usday, a beautiful and talented mare by the famous VDL stallion Orame. Usday is very explosive in her jumps and has excellent technique and scope. She will compete in the 7 years old classes and also the youngster tour this summer.

doris 2 doris doris 1

February 2008
Samantha becomes a TEAM SAMSHIELD sponsored rider. SAMSHIELD supplies custom fitted riding safety headwear with large range of fashionable variations.

NEW ARRIVALS: Samantha welcome the arrival of Busserella, a 7 years old talented daughter of Tresor. She will make her debut in Arezzo.

Also in the stable is a beautiful 4 years daughter of Apple Juice. Her name is POMME D’OR. She is just under saddle and will be ridden lightly this year. Apple Juice is a BWP approved son of Tresor and is enjoying great success with Dirk Demeersman.

pomme 1 pomme 2
October 2007
Samantha and Tresor placed 9th in 1.50M Grand Prix at CSI 5* Brussels. This is only their 2nd show together as a team.
brux 070001 brux 070006 brux 070007

August 2007
Samantha attended the Test Event in Hong Kong.

April 2007
Samantha has officially obtain the Hong Kong passport and will represents Hong Kong in any future competitions.


September 2006
Samantha has won 2 classes with Coco and Talent respectively in Chantilly, France.

January 2006
Samantha has relocated to Brussels, Belgium and will be working and training with Nelson Pessoa.

September 2005
Samantha was awarded the "Gold Karte" by the German Federation for her achievement and results.

german goldaward cremona fin chin 1