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February 25, 2018
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16th Asian Games - Guangzhou 2010
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The Hong Kong Jockey Club

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The Hong Kong Jockey Club, one of the largest racing organisations in the world, is Hong Kong's only authorised operator of horse racing and regulated football betting.

The Club's maxim of "Racing for Charity" is realised through a unique, not-for-profit business model, with all surpluses going to charitable and community projects. Through the past decade, the Club has donated over HK$1 billion annually to hundreds of charities and community projects.

In 2007, the Club was designated "Outstanding Contributor, Beijing 2008 Olympic Games Equestrian Events", following its input of HK$1.2 billion to provide world class venues and facilities for the 2008 equestrian events.

Also in 2007, the Club and its Charities Trust announced sponsorship of a group of talented equestrian athletes – including Samantha – aiming for the 2008 Olympic equestrian events in Hong Kong.

The Club wishes Samantha all the best in the Olympics.



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