doub happy Samantha Lam
February 25, 2018
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Beijing 2008
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16th Asian Games - Guangzhou 2010
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17th Asian Games Incheon 2014
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Manadi came to us as a 5 years old. My father rode him in adult hunter classes. He was my jumper equitation horse in the beginning. We slowly move up the rank to junior jumper and then he became my first grand prix horse. Our debut was the 1994 Garden State Grand Prix in Jew Jersey. With Manadi we made it to the 1997 World Cup Final in Gothenborg, Sweden. He is the most special horse in our family. He was sold to California in 1998 as I was relocating to Germany. The owner is Kelsey Grammer of the Cheers fame. In 2005, my father made arrangement with the owner to retire him to our care. I was delighted to see him back in our family again. Thanks, Manadi for all the wonderful rides and memory.

Please see the article All's Well That Ends Well on page 14 of the Holsteiner newsletter.
manadi-1st fence Manadi-wef
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junior 1995

manadi dressage

sam & manadi 2